Munchi - Guess Who's Back

by Munchi

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SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!! A big ass piece of text you didn't want to read anyway!!

So this year marks 5 years that I made this track. Time sure fucking flies yo. It's kinda ironic if you think about it, since I was super pissed as a fan listening to Datsik's "Firepower" as a shitty ripped version - it drove me insane. Only to actually get the motherfucker years later. Now unintentionally I am doing the exact same fucking thing, the only difference being that I took even more years. My bad man -___-. You would think that this almost prehistoric piece of music would sound dated 5 years later lol, but sadly to my surprise things haven't changed that much.

It kinda made sense to put this one out there since, well, look at the fucking name! The final version that is, since there are a couple of ripped concept versions flying around there. That concept version was the one I gave Dillon right after I made it back then, and he kept playing it over the years (thanks 4 the love bruh! <3).

Anyway, why did I make this shit? Well, around the same time I was obsessed with Swizzymack's "Like A Martian". Like literally, on repeat. Forever. When it wasn't on my MP3, it sure was stuck in my head. Always. Even while playing gigs, I still had that shit in my head. It was getting outta hand. So I had to do a little something about it. It wasn't caused by the fact that Lil B apparently got his dick sucked in the sky like a martian or that he considered himself a pretty bitch after his goon days. No, this entire fucking track was based solely on that little switch you hear around 1:44. That shit introduced the best part of the song and it drove me fucking NUTS. Instant one man mosh pit irl. There wasn't any more to it ahahah!

So since that was the inspiration, I had to add some Club elements to that bitch keep it really straightforward and not over master it to keep the hype lyfe. Oh and the lasers you ask? That was a lil inside joke, since people were drooling over the fucking lasers back then. No matter what genre. I HATED THEM SO FUCKING MUCH YO LOL.

The cover was actually the video that we were trying to do reeeaaallly last minute. After the U-Haul video didn't work out at such a short notice, I found myself at a quickly organized houseparty where I invited everyone that wanted to come via my fanpage and basically went ham on everyone using 40's as if they were a champagne bottles lol. Before all of that tho I was running on rooftops in Brooklyn. Yeah, I don't even remember why we did that part haha. In the end it never got out there, but it still was a real fun ass day. s/o to all the people that showed up that day!

So in celebration of the death of them piuww piuww lasers I'm releasing - nah, I'm playing haha - I'm releasing this just as a lil something since I realized some days back that it was exactly 5 years ago that I made this. A nice lil surprise at the end that you guys haven't heard before. Especially for all you old ass dudes out there jamming with your cane, reminiscing the good old days when you wore your bluetooth headset forever attached to your ear. I know that you knew that that one was coming haha. Inkoppertje toch?

So live and direct from a random McDonalds (I gotta stop doing this) and as always not eating jack shit in this bitch, coming for that assssss straight outta 2012 lol. All of that, while listening once more to Swizzy's "Like A Martian" remix. Why the fuck not. You should too asshole. #sinmiedo


released April 30, 2017



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